Sunkist Trail Mix, Pineapple Coconut Blend

Almonds. Papaya. Cranberries. Cashews. Pineapple. Coconut. Premium fruits & nuts. No artificial colors or flavors. Trail mix redefined. No filler. No peanuts. No raisins. 0 g trans fat. 0% cholesterol. 5 servings per bag. Grab-n-go. Pineapple (Product in package is diced). Coconut (Product in package is diced). Papaya (Product in package is diced). Trail Mix Redefined: Sunkist, the trusted name in fruit for over 120 years, introduces Trail Mix Redefined. Our Trail Mix combines crunchy tree nuts with lots of delicious premium fruit. Sunkist Trail Mix Pineapple Coconut Blend never contains lower cost filler like peanuts and raisins or any artificial colors or flavors. Partially produced with genetic engineering. Snack it Forward: Eat. Do. Feel. Good. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube Snack it Forward. Visit us and join the movement.

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