Sunkist Fruit Chips, Crunchy Banana

Freeze dried fruit. No sugar added. The closest thing to fresh. Real fruit. Not fried. Not baked. Fat free. 35 calories per serving. Wow's that's it! Grab-n-go. No sugar added. Healthy snack. Real fruit. No sodium. Kids love it. Crunchy. Tasty Ideas for Sunkist Fruit Chips: healthy snack; topper for cereal; ice cream; add to yogurt; salad topper; smoothies. Did you know? It takes several pounds of fresh fruit to make each pound of Sunkist Fruit Chips! Sunkist, the trusted name in fruit for over 120 years, introduces freeze-dried Sunkist Fruit Chips. Lightweight, crispy, and bursting with flavor, Sunkist Fruit Chips are pure fruit healthiness with yummy Grab-n-Go convenience. Perfect for an active lifestyle. The best part is kids love them and you will too! Freeze-drying is an amazing process first discovered by the ancient Incas atop the Andean mountains. A state-of-the-art variation of this technique is used to create Sunkist Fruit Chips. Freeze-drying removes most of the moisture and is better than frying, baking, or traditional drying at maintaining and concentrating the naturally occurring nutrients and flavors of fresh fruit without altering its wholesome purity. You may have eaten freeze-dried fruit in your cereal, and now it is available as a tasty and perfectly healthy snack. Non-GMO. Snack it Forward: Eat. Do. Feel. Good. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube Snack it Forward. Fruit & Veggies: More matters. Visit us and join the movement.

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