Buddy Fruits Fruit Break Blended Superfruit With Raspberry & Cranberry

Buddy Fruits® FruitBreak™ Blended Superfruit With Raspberry & Cranberry. Daily fruit essentials. 80 calories. 3g fiber. Gluten free. 1 full serving of fruit. Only fruit nothing else. All natural. No preservatives. No colorings. No genetically engineered ingredients. No artificial flavors. No dairy. Nothing artificial. 80 calories. 1 full serving of fruit. BPA free. 1 of your 5 a day. Vegetarian. It is all & only about fruits: Raspberries, cranberries, apples & bananas are mixed together to make a very smooth fruit blend. What are superfruits Fruits that combine exceptional nutrient values with antioxidants properties. Ideal for: Office. Outdoors. Workout. Indoors. www.buddyfruits.com.

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