Cleveland Beet Red Sauerkraut

Red cabbage, beets & carrots. Does not contain preservatives. Gluten free. Vegan. Non GMO Project verified. Live & raw probiotics. Fermented foods for all. Crunchy, healthy & delicious. The founding brothers started at farmers markets in the Midwest and wanted to serve the best tasting, highest quality fermented foods to all. We hope you enjoy! - Drew, Mac & Luke. Fresh fermented beets and carrots make the Beet Red kraut earthy & tart. Add a beautiful bite to meat dishes, hot dogs and salads paired with goat cheese. Show How You Drop the Beet: Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. BPA free. Because your Kraut is actively fermenting, This bag is equipped with an off-gassing vent. It's natural for the bag to puff up, don't be alarmed if it does. Product of USA.

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