Christopher Ranch Garlic, Green

Monviso California heirloom. Family grown since 1956. Gilroy's finest. Over half a century ago, Don Christopher tasted a variety of garlic originating in the Piedmont region of Italy near Monviso that he thought was the most flavorful garlic he had ever experienced. In 1956, Christopher established his own ranch in California's Santa Clara valley featuring the Monviso varietal. For the last 50 years, Christopher Ranch has nurtured the heirloom seed line and preserved its exceptional quality, and is now allocating a limited seed supply from his exclusive stock to cultivate green garlic. What is Green Garlic? Young, immature plants harvested before the bulb fully develops underground, so the leafy shoots remain green and tender. Green garlic boasts a distinctive garlic aroma with a milder, sweeter flavor than mature garlic. All garlic is not created equal. 100% natural. Product of USA.

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