Bossa Nova Juice, Mangosteen with Dragonfruit

Highest xanthone fruit. Superfruit. Not All Fruits Are Created Equal: Superfruit: Mangosteen; Taste: Peachy, floral tropical - often described as the world's best tasting fruit. Superpower: Rich in xanthones, rare and powerful antioxidants; Benefit: Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and body balancing properties. Profile: Native to SE Asia, mangosteen contains a broad spectrum of over 40 xanthones and has been an important part of traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. Rethink juice. Choose superfruits. Reject empty calories. Meaningful nutrition. No apple, grape, pear. Vital performance or cane juice fillers. Naturally Occurring Nutrients: Xanthones: 50 mg, Vitamin B3, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Phosphorus, Phytoalbumins. Be amazed. That's the only possible reaction to superfruits, the core of our quest to redefine juice. More vitality. More life force. Essential nutrition missing in most juices. We went to remote mountains and rainforests and brought back a belief that juice can do more.

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