Ruffin' It Treats for Dogs, Sweet Potato & Chicken Wraps 3.5 oz

100% natural dried sweet potato wrapped in premium chicken fillet. Wholesome treats. Packed with nutritious goodness & natural sweet flavor that dogs love! Cage free chicken. No added artificial preservatives. No fillers. No grains. No artificial flavors or colors. Ruffin It Healthfuls Sweet Potato & Chicken Wraps are packed with nutritious goodness and natural sweet flavor that dogs love. These treats combine the high protein of premium Chicken Breast with the benefits of Sweet Potatoes, one of the most nutritious of all vegetables. Our Sweet Potato & Chicken Wraps are low in fat and easily digestible. Chicken Breast: Our premium breast fillets are high in protein and low in fat. They contain amino acids used in muscle development and help maintain muscle tone. Sweet Potato: One of the best sources of vitamin A. Which assists in maintaining healthy skin and coat in dogs. It also helps with eyesight, as does the sweet potato's high level of Carotenoids. It is also an excellent source of fiber (that's why we leave the skin on), antioxidants and it is strongly anti-inflammatory. Treated with Irradiation for you safety.

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