Lil' Squirts XXL Training Pads

Perfect for larger dogs or multi-dog homes. Ultra protection. 3 Feet x 3 Feet. Almost 3 times larger than standard pads! (Standard pads are 21 in. x 22 in.). 6-Ply construction with UltraLock super absorbent core - Holds 5 cups. 1. Tear resistant top sheet. 2. Quilted tissue. 3. UltraLock core. 4. High absorbency layer. 5. Quilted tissue. 6. Leak-proof liner. Super Absorbency = Super safety! XXL Size = Ultra floor protection! Ruffin' IT's new XXL pads provide a much bigger target, 9 square feet, so there are fewer misses to contend with! Plus, our pad's UltraLock absorbent core is engineered to provide over 15 hours of protection, with capacity to spare! Ruffin' IT's XXL pads can lock in over 9 cups of urine. That is over 5 times the average amount a 50 lb dog would eliminate in 15 hrs. Ruffin' It XXL Training Pads, with UltraLock absorbent core, are designed to keep your home safe and clean. Our training pads are also treated to attract dogs to the pads and they include odor eliminators to keep your home smelling fresh. Ruffin IT - Quality pet treats and accessories. Westminster Pets Products - A family company. Made in China.

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