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Biscuits for dogs of all sizes. Homestyle Recipes: No. 08; No. 12; No. 24. Oven Baked: Mom's Chicken & Vegetable; Grandma's Peanut Butter & Molasses; Sunday Morning Bacon & Cheese. 100% all natural. 3 Great Recipes: Mom's Chicken & Vegetable: Whole grains, chicken, ground potatoes, and carrots & peas. Grandma's Peanut Butter & Molasses: Ground oats, peanut butter, vanilla & natural honey nut flavor. Sunday Morning Bacon & Cheese: Whole grain oats, flavorful smoked bacon, cheese & cranberries. Serve your canine friend a variety of mouth watering, healthy treats with Homestyle Buffet Assorted Recipes. Whether they like peanut butter, bacon or chicken along with the other great ingredients, you will enjoy watching them devour these baked biscuits which are crafted with pride. They'll love you for it! No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. The truth is, creating better foods only requires a little extra time and thoughtfulness. Also, just making a great tasting treat isn't enough, being dog lovers ourselves, we don't believe in short cuts. Our biscuits are all natural, do not contain artificial flavors or preservatives and are oven baked in the USA. This is non-negotiable. After all, our canine friends depend on us. From our home to yours, we hope you enjoy! For Comments/Questions Call: (866)799-9555 or visit for more Information. Please recycle. Oven Baked in the USA.

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