Pedigree® DentaStix™ Grain Free Small/Medium Dog Treats 5.71 oz. Box

Feed the good.™ Dogs bring out the good in us. Pedigree brings out the good in them.™It all starts with tasty food they love and perfect nutrition to keep them healthy and happy. Every dog is unique—and some have different dietary needs. That's why we've created DentaStix™ Grain Free treats—easy to digest and easy to enjoy. Give your dog all the same teeth-cleaning action of DentaStix™ treats—without the grains. • Patented X-shape.• Helps clean down to the gumline to promote healthy gums.• Chewy texture scrapes away plaque while chewing to help clean hard-to-reach teeth. Triple Action• Cleans teeth.• Freshens breath.• Clinically proven texture to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Triple ActionReduces Tartar Buildup, Clean Teeth, Freshens Breath America's #1 Daily Oral Care Treat* Snack Food for Dogs

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