Purina ONE Beyond Dog Food, Adult, Premium, Chicken & Whole Oat Meal Recipe

White meat chicken is the no. 1 ingredient. Nutrient-rich whole grains. Accented with carrots, tomatoes & apples. Positively good for your dog and the world you share. Natural ingredients plus vitamins & minerals. Crafted without corn or wheat. Antioxidant-rich. A food that goes beyond is happy to share its ingredient list, right? Right. Sometimes it's the little things. Going beyond the expected. Have you ever wondered what a difference we could make if we all thought, well, small? We did, and so we started with one little kibble. Beyond is crafted without added fillers or artificial preservatives. Our Recipe. We start with real white meat chicken. High-quality protein helps maintain strong muscles - including a healthy heart. Whole grain goodness from oat meal, barley and brown rice. Adds fiber for healthy digestion, carbohydrate for energy and omega-6 fatty acids for a shiny coat. Accents of carrots, tomatoes and apples, harvested from nutrient-rich soil. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in our recipe help support your dog's immune system. Marine-sourced omega-3 fatty acids. Nutrients that help give your dog noticeably bright eyes and healthy skin. Beyond the ingredients. To us, going beyond means more than just using naturally delicious ingredients. It means celebrating nature wherever and whenever we can. That's why we're always looking for ways to make our manufacturing processes more environmentally responsible - one step at a time. See what one little kibble can do? As it turns out, sometimes when you want to make a big difference, you have to start small. Your pet, our passion. At Purina We're unconditionally devoted to pets. We've dedicated over 80 years to developing high-quality products that satisfy the needs of dogs and cats. To find out how we can help you provide a long, happy and healthy life for your pet, ask Purina.

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