Purina Fancy Feast Natural, Grain Free Wet Cat Food Complement; Purely Filets Natural Wild Alaskan Salmon - 0.99 oz. Sleeve

Indulge your cat's taste buds with Purina Fancy Feast Purely Filets Natural Wild Alaskan Salmon adult wet cat food complement, and give her a delicious food that's thoughtfully crafted with real seafood. Each mouthwatering cat food complement features a filet of all-natural salmon, and every enticing serving provides her with high-quality, carefully selected natural ingredients. She's sure to love the delicious taste, and you can love giving her a gourmet food made without by-products or artificial preservatives. The tender texture gives her something delightful to nibble on, and the real, recognizable food looks good enough for you to eat but is made just for cats. Serve each Purina Fancy Feast salmon filet whole, flaked or as a topper on dry cat food, and give her dining experience truly worthy of your cat companion.

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