FANCY FEAST Broths Cat Food, Chicken, Wet, Adult

Add an extra special touch to your cat's meal when you serve her Purina Fancy Feast Broths Classic Chicken, Vegetables & Whitefish Gourmet cat complement. It's full of real ingredients you can see and that your cat is sure to enjoy. Each serving has no by-products or fillers, just the delicious flavors of tender cuts of chicken, tasty vegetables and whitefish to make her feel like she has just spent an adventure-filled day by the sea. Savory, silky-smooth broth rounds out the flavor profile and completes a meal designed to satisfy even the pickiest of cats. It's a whole new dining experience that delivers variety to your cat's menu by giving her food that isn't a mere snack or meal, but a delicious complement that she can look forward to no matter when you feed her. When you serve her this broth, it's just another example of the fun little details that you give her every day.

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