9Lives Poultry and Beef Favorites Variety Pack Cat Food, 5.5-Ounce, 24-Count

Hearty Cuts with real chicken & fish in gravy. Hearty Cuts with real chicken & beef in gravy. Hearty Cuts with real turkey in gravy. Caring for cats. Since 1959. Morris. 8 each. Please provide information stamped on the can end. www.9Lives.com Visit us at www.9Lives.com. Product information. Tips to care for your cat. Questions about Morris the cat. General comments & suggestions. Contact us at 1-888-49Lives weekdays (1-888-495-4837). Try 9Lives cat food dry! Five varieties tailored to meet your cat's specific needs. 9Lives Lean & Tasty. 9Lives Daily Essentials. 9Lives PlusCare. 9 Lives Indoor Complete. 9Lives LongLife.

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