Pasta Lensi #141 Rigatoni

Pasta Lensi™ Rigatoni #141. Dal 1920. L'arte della pasta. 100% premium durum wheat semolina. USDA organic. Enriched macaroni product. Born in the Tuscan village of renaissance master Leonardo Da Vinci, the century-old tradition of making great pasta is the passion behind pasta Lensi. Our Old World process of using nature's best 100% durum wheat semolina, the purest water and a lengthy drying process continue today. Pressing our pasta through bronze dies gives it a rough texture for better sauce absorption and cooking performance. Many of our unique pasta shapes reflect the traditional regional cuisines of Italy's famous heritage for serving great food to guests and family. Our passion for the art of pasta is our promise to you from all of us at Pasta Lensi. (Eat well). Certified organic by CCPB srl.

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