Wonka Egg Hunt Kit, Zero Gravity

SweetTarts; Nerds; Laffy Taffy. 12 Eggs with artificially flavored candy. Glow in the dark. Super suction. Stick anywhere. Hanging string. Hide Easter eggs where they've never gone before! Want to have an egg hunt that's as fun as one Willy Wonka would put on? Zero Gravity Eggs have their superpowers already built in: super suction cups, stick anywhere tape, glow in the dark and hanging strings. Just fill them with the Wonka candy provided, put on your creativity cap and hide them anywhere - inside or out - for the best Easter egg hunt ever! Hang'em on a tree branch or on the dog's collar. Stick'em on furniture. Put'em under a chair or bed! Hide'em under a table or grandpa's toupee! Each Zero Gravity Egg Hunt Bag Includes: 3 Super Suction Eggs; 3 Stick Anywhere Eggs; 3 Glow in the Dark; 3 Hanging String Eggs; 12 Assorted Fun Size Pouches of Nerds, SweetTarts and Laffy Taffy Candy.

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