Weetabix Ready Brek Porridge, Smooth, Original

Perfect for kids! Now with vitamin D for healthy bones (vitamin D is needed for development of bones in children as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle). Oats, vitamins, minerals, nothing else! Need a warm up today? Just add hot milk or microwave in 1-1/2 minutes! Original oat cereal fortified with vitamins, iron & calcium. No added sugar or salt (Ready Brek contains naturally occurring sugars & sodium) in a bowl of Ready Brek. Vitamins & minerals: calcium, iron, vitamin D & B vitamins. Oats: 100% whole grain. That's why it's good for kids and big kids too! This pack contains approximately eight 30g servings. A 30g serving of Ready Brek Original provides 26% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of the vitamins & iron listed, and 50% of the calcium. 100g of Ready Brek Original provides 85% of the RDA of the vitamins & iron listed and 167% of the calcium. Packaging: box - card widely recycled. Cereal bag - recycle with carrier bags at larger stores. Not at kerbside. Source box - card 90% recycled. Made in England

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