Sun Tropics Saba Banana Chips, Original 6 Oz

Growing up in the Philippines, breakfast meant ripe mangoes, fragrant papaya, and refreshing young coconut juice. We went to school with happy bellies, but what we loved the most was picking up Banana Cue from street vendors on the way home. We saved our allowances for these sweet bananas-on-a-stick, cooked in oil over high heat with brown sugar that caramelizes on the warm banana, leaving a slight crunch on the edges. Made with the unique stubby and angular native Saba Banana, Banana Cue is still the favorite Filipino street food. When we moved to the U.S., we missed our childhood favorites and sharing them with our friends. We also wanted to help the community of family farmers in the Philippines and give back to the land, through responsible growing and post-harvest practices. We dreamed of transforming Banana Cue into a portable snack, and chose a banana chip maker who purchases every Saba. pronounced Sah Bah, that the local family farmers bring to him. Together, we developed a signature way of slicing each Saba that creates an irresistibly thin chip with a crispy crunch. To cook the chips in small batches, we use coconut oil from coconuts grown on nearby family farms, and upcycled rice husks for the fuel-efficient fires. More than 2 million Saba peels and carbon-rich ash from 1.7 million pounds of rice husks are returned to the ground to enrich the soil and help the trees' roots retain more moisture, as Nature is the sole water source. We are honored to share these Saba chips with you and hope this small act will transform strangers into friends.

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