Bottle Caps: The soda pop candy. Everlasting Gobstopper: Jawbreakers that change colors and flavors! Original Spree Candy. Sweetarts: Tangy candy. SweeTarts: 50 calories per 4 packs. Bottle Caps: 50 calories per 4 packs. Gobstopper: 60 calories per 3 packs. Spree: 60 calories per 2 rolls. No artificial flavors. Nutritional Compass: Nestle - Good food, good life. Thoughtful Portion: 4 SweeTarts Packs - 50 cal or 4 Bottle Caps Packs - 50 cal or 2 GobStoppers Packs - 40 cal or 2 Spree Rolls - 60 cal. Good to Remember: Enjoying confections in moderation can be part of a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Good to Connect: 1-800-504-4018. Nestleusa.com.

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