Twix Cookie Bars, Caramel/Milk Chocolates, Minis 2.43 Oz

For a fun treat anytime, try TWIX Caramel Chocolate Cookie Candy Bars. Right TWIX is an amazing pairing of smooth chocolate, crispy cookie, and luscious caramel. Left TWIX is an awesome combination of crunchy cookie, delicious caramel, and creamy chocolate. Try both and pick a side, everyone has one. Minis TWIX candy bars gives you plenty of opportunities to decide. Either way, TWIX believes a little bit of joy makes a big difference to your day. Individually wrapped mini TWIX chocolate bars are a must for movie candy spreads and game night snack tables. These caramel cookie filled chocolate bars make great to-go treats. Pack them in lunches or take them along on family road trips to enjoy caramel chocolate candy on the road. TWIX candy bars are a tasty way to share your love of chocolate candy with friends and family. Each bag includes enough individually wrapped mini TWIX chocolate bars to share or simply treat yourself. TWIX candy bars turn break time into bliss. Our tip: take your coffee with a TWIX bar! Amp up your midday recharge with every bite of gooey caramel and crunchy cookie cloaked in delicious, flowing milk chocolate. There are endless ways to share and enjoy a moment with TWIX Minis chocolate candy bars. •Contains one (1) 2.43-ounce bag of TWIX Caramel Minis Chocolate Cookie Bar Candy •Made with chewy caramel and crispy cookies covered in milk chocolate •Make this pack of individually wrapped TWIX Minis your go-to treat •Delicious whether simply unwrapped and enjoyed, or incorporated into your favorite dessert recipes, these TWIX cookie bars are sure to please •Surprise a friend with this chocolate candy pack perfect for sharing

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