Sour Patch Kids And Swedish Fish Mini Holiday Candy Variety Pack, 22 Snack Packs

Spread a little mischievous and nostalgic holiday cheer with SOUR PATCH KIDS and SWEDISH FISH Mini Holiday Candy Variety Pack. Each 9.7-oz candy bag is filled with 22 individually wrapped, treat-size snack packs of SWEDISH FISH and SOUR PATCH KIDS soft candy in classic shapes and fruit flavors. This fun and fruity candy mix variety pack offers a SOUR THEN SWEET treat in playful kid shapes and a classic sweet candy treat with signature red candy fish shape. These individual bags of candy make great stocking stuffers and movie snacks for sharing with friends and family while watching your favorite holiday movies. Perfectly sized for tossing in backpacks, lunchboxes, and Christmas candy bags, or for including with holiday gifts, these festive variety packs of sweet and sour candies also are wonderful classroom party favors and holiday game prizes. This bagged candy mix of chewy candy favorites in shareable snack packs is perfect for all the sweet moments of the season.

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