Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Hugged By White Creme 10.1 Oz

Milk chocolate and white creme HERSHEY'S HUGS candies include the milk chocolate taste you know and love hugged by smooth, delectable white creme. Individually wrapped in stunning striped foils, these treats make the perfect edible decoration for any season. Unwrap them, and you'll find even more stripes thanks to the contrast of milk chocolate and white creme. Fill your candy dishes, lunch boxes and snack drawers at home and work with these HERSHEY'S HUGS milk chocolate and white creme treats. HERSHEY'S HUGS candies are easy to enjoy anywhere, whether you're taking a snack break at work or feeling peckish on the go. Get ready to savor each decadent bite of smooth white creme over sweet milk chocolate, and don't forget to give some of these treats out at Valentine's Day exchanges. Even on ordinary days, everyone can use a hug and a HERSHEY'S HUGS candy, which means it's the perfect treat for decorating your home and cubicle. For extra fun, place these candies on your best baked cookies and cupcakes — anyone you share with is sure to beg for your secret recipe!

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