Crunch Milk Chocolate, With Crisped Rice & Caramel

Filled with creamy caramel. Nestle Cocoa plan. Per 5 Pieces: 200 g calories; 6 g sat fat (32% DV); 65 g sodium (3% DV); 22 g sugars. Good to Remember: Create a festive mood by filing bowls with beautifully wrapped Easter surprises. Good to Connect: 1-800-504-4018 M-F 8am - 8pm ET. Good food. Food life. Good to Know: Balance is the key to healthy eating. Chocolate confections in moderation, can be part of a balanced diet. Coca Plan. Supporting farmers for better chocolate. The Nestle Cocoa Plan works with UTZ certified to help improve the lives of cocoa farmers and the quality of their products.

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