Ferrero Collection, Assorted 5.5 Oz

Fine assorted confections. Ferrero Rondnoir - now with an almond inside. Since the 1940s, Ferrero has delighted consumers with premium, one-of-a-kind, quality confections. What began as a local pasticceria in Italy's Piemonte region is now one of the world's most popular confectioners, satisfying cravings in over 100 countries worldwide. Thanks to a commitment to quality, freshness, and unique taste experience, Ferrero continues to delight consumers the world over. Ferrero Collection is an assortment of fine confections sure to delight the senses, which includes: Rocher chocolates area tempting combination of luscious, creamy, chocolaty filling surrounding a whole hazelnut, within a delicate crisp wafer - all enveloped in milk chocolate ad finely chopped hazelnuts; Ferrero Garden Coconut confections are a savory combination of rich coconut cream surrounding a sweet almond, within a delicate, crisp wafer - topped with shredded coconut; Rondnoir chocolate are a unique combination of a creamy, dark chocolate surrounding a black pearl of fine dark chocolate, within a delicate, crisp wafer - topped with crunchy dark chocolate morsels. Rocher: product of Canada. Ferrero Garden Coconut: product of Germany. Rondnoir: product of Italy.

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