Orbit Gum, Sugar Free, Wintermint, 3 Pak 3 ea

With ORBIT Wintermint Sugarfree Gum, there's no need to second-guess; you have the confidence to show the world what you're made of. The delicious Wintermint flavor gives you a clean, fresh-mouth feeling so you're ready to seize your moment when it comes. Boost your confidence with a clean mouth and fresh breath. Each pack of ORBIT Wintermint Gum contains fourteen individually wrapped pieces, so you can enjoy bold, minty flavor whenever you need. ORBIT Wintermint Sugarfree Chewing Gum is made with a deliciously cool minty flavor, so you can have that just-brushed clean feeling anytime. Keep a pack in your pocket or your desk so you'll always have breath-freshening flavor on hand. Chew this delicious mint-flavored gum to help stay focused while studying for big tests. Decorate gift baskets and party favors with long-lasting flavor. Be sure to stock up your car or pantry at home with this delicious sugarfree gum. ORBIT Wintermint Sugarfree Gum is also great for Christmas stockings or as a fun birthday gift. With ORBIT Gum, it's your time to shine. •Contains three (3) 14-piece packs of ORBIT Wintermint Sugar Free Chewing Gum •Make the most of the moment with the clean and fresh mouth feeling of ORBIT Gum •Bulk packs of individually wrapped gum are easy to store in backpacks and desk drawers •Stay focused for tests and big presentations with delicious minty gum •Stock up on the gum that helps clean up dirty mouths

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