Cadbury Milk Chocolate, With A Crisp Sugar Shell 9 Oz

Look no further for the perfect fall snacks than CADBURY Mini Harvest Handfuls candy. These treats are solid milk chocolate balls coated with a crisp sugar shell. They come in beautiful red, orange and yellow autumn colors perfect for fall-themed décor, from candy dishes and party favors to office snack baskets. Savor each decadent bite of smooth, creamy milk chocolate covered in a crispy, colorful candy shell. These chocolate candies are great for keeping in your kitchen pantry or desk drawer to make sure you always have a sweet treat on hand. CADBURY milk chocolate candy-coated treats act as a fun addition to fall and Halloween crafts. Try adding a few candies of each color to your favorite dessert recipes for an exciting touch and extra texture in your best cookies, brownies or pies. You can also make the fall season more festive by deploying these delicious kosher-certified candies as decorations. No matter how you choose to use your CADBURY Mini Harvest Handfuls, you're sure to have fun discovering the options and treating your taste buds.

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