Mariani Enhanced Wellness Berry Thrive

With omega-3. Antioxidant vitamin A. Cholesterol free. Cranberries, cherries & blueberries. Choose a better you. Family owned & operated since 1906. For the enhanced wellness of your body, mind and spirit. Help your body Thrive by increasing your daily intake of foods containing essential fatty acids like omega-3, sourced from cranberry seed oil. Omega-3. Good source of vitamin A. Cholesterol free. Anthocyanins. Melatonin. Dietary fiber promotes good digestive health (Provides 8% of RDI). One serving of Berry Thrive provides about 100 mg of omega-3 or 10% of the recommended daily intake. Help your mind Thrive by making sure that it is well-rested so that it functions properly. Getting a good night's sleep goes a long way in enhancing your well-being. Help your spirit Thrive by surrounding yourself with others who feed your soul with positive energy and encouragement. Mark Mariani. The omega-3 oil in Berry Thrive is derived from the seeds of cranberries. This product is acceptable for vegetarian consumption.

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