Pepperidge Farm® Bold Mix Crackers 27.000 oz

When it comes to snack time, you just can’t beat this cheesy mix! When you’re thinking snacks, dig into the bold flavor of Goldfish Mix Zesty Cheddar, Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar and Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheesy Pizza Goldfish crackers. Their irresistible flavor is always baked, and they’re made with real cheese and no artificial flavors or preservatives. Talk about a feel-good snack! With this much flavor you can count on big flavor and big fun that always delights. This super-tasty trio is so tasty, it takes crunchable and munchable cheese crackers to a whole new level. It’s even perfect at meal time! You can add Goldfish crackers to soups, sprinkle them on salads, or simply serve as a side to your lunchtime sandwich. This Goldfish variety pack contains 30 single-serving snack packs, keep them in your pantry for any time the mood strikes. Everybody loves Goldfish crackers at mealtime, for after-school snacking and on-the-go in the car. When you’re craving something delicious, go for the handful!

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