Sun Chips® French Onion Multigrain Snacks 1.25 oz. Bag

Great multigrain taste! Guaranteed fresh. Naturally delicious. These French Onion flavored SunChips snacks will have you saying bon appetit to our perfect blend of mild onion and made with 18 grams of delicious whole grains per 1 oz serving (This package contains 1.25 oz. 48 grams of whole grains recommended daily). So dig in and enjoy the great taste of all natural ingredients in every bite. Made with all natural ingredients. 30% less fat than regular potato chips. Total fat content of regular potato chips is 10 g per 1 oz serving; total fat content of SunChips brand multigrain snacks is 6 g per 1 oz serving. This package contains 1.25 oz.

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