Lance® Movie Theater Butter Popcorn 3.5 oz.

Made with real butter. At Lance we've been crafting high quality snacks for your enjoyment since 1913. Sure, we've set a high standard for flavor, freshness and quality - but we believe you deserve the best. Our movie theater butter popcorn lets you enjoy that delicious buttery popcorn taste in your car, at the park, or at the office instead of the darkness of a theater. We provide the finger licking flavors for your enjoyment anytime you want! Pop. Crunch. Flavor. Repeat. Guaranteed Fresh: If you have any questions, or comments concerning this product, please direct them in writing to Synder's-Lance, Inc., Consumer Affairs Dept., P.O. Box 32368, Charlotte, NC 28232. Please be sure to include your name, address and this package with your inquiry.

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