Skinny Sticks Snack Sticks, Cinnamon Sugar

Flavored sweet potato snack sticks. Made form real sweet potatoes. No artificial flavors or preservatives. 30% or less fat than the leading potato chip (Regular potato chips typically contain 10 g fat per serving compared to 7 g fat for each serving of Cinnamon Sugar skinny sticks). Certified gluten-free. Vegan. All goodness. No guilt. Made from wholesome quinoa rice and chia seed. Thank you for choosing Skinny sticks, a whole grain snack full of wholesome ingredients that you can see and taste, like quinoa and chia seeds. Oh, and no trans fat, cholesterol, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives - nope, none of that in here. Big on taste not on guilt! Try our other great flavors: Sweet Onion, BBQ. Jalapeno Lime. Become a fan on Facebook:

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