Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals Pretzel Thins, Everything & More

Medley of seasonings, baked naturally. Natural. No preservatives. The difference is real. The best things in life are real, naturally. Real love, real friends, and our specialty, real food. You know it when you taste it. It makes a difference, and the difference is real. Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins, smart snacks with a natural touch. We've captured the essence of a great pretzel - that crispy, savory exterior - in a thin, pretzel-shaped cracker, seasoned with care and baked to a golden, savory crisp. Real, honest baking that's naturally wholesome and preservative-free; it's natural goodness reacquainted with great taste. Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins. An enticing twist on a cracker. Snacking has never felt so Natural. Enjoy.

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