Lindt Petits Desserts

Meringue: Pieces of crunchy meringue enveloped in a soft center with a swirl of white chocolate. Tiramisu: Layers of exquisite tiramisu flavored center finished with a delicate white chocolate topping. Molten Chocolate Cake: Decadent milk chocolate shell surrounding a rich, creamy, dark filling. Creme Brulee: Fine milk chocolate with a delicate vanilla flavored creme brulee center. Brownie: Dark chocolate with chopped hazelnuts and walnuts surrounds a rich dark truffle center. Caramel Eclair: Magnificent caramel cream surrounded by rich dark chocolate and topped with caramel flavored icing. Millefeuille: Layers of custard cream and crispy flakes covered with fine chocolate. Master Swiss Chocolatier. Since 1845, Lindt Master Chocolatiers have perfected the art of chocolate making. Over 170 years of passion have gone behind making some of the finest chocolates and creating exquisite new recipes. The craftsmanship of the Lindt Master Chocolatiers is demonstrated with this Petits Desserts assortment featuring an exquisite combination of classic dessert recipes. They have been carefully selected and attractively arranged to become a gift of chocolate that meets the most sophisticated tastes. Quality guarantee. Lindt & Sprungli Cocoa Farming Program. Lindt sustainability.

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