TWIZZLERS PULL 'N' PEEL Cherry Flavored Chewy Candy, Halloween, 14 oz, Bag

They say to never play with your food, but TWIZZLERS PULL 'N' PEEL cherry-flavored chewy candy is the one exception! Grab ahold of a cherry-flavored chewy candy and untangle these treats for any moment that requires a sweet break. Take a bag to the next sporting event, road trip or picnic at the park. When movie night rolls around, grab a bag to share with your friends and family to add a bit of fun to the evening. You can even store these low-fat chewy kosher treats inside your work desk for a quick break or kitchen pantry to help you create edible crafts bursting with cherry flavor. Pull apart TWIZZLERS PULL 'N' PEEL cherry-flavored candy, then add a string of fruity deliciousness to your cupcake icing or chocolate treats like brownies and cookies. Tart and tasty cherry-flavored strands of chewy TWIZZLERS candy are ready for you to peel apart and eat one by one, throughout the year and during your favorite holidays.

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