Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Cold Stone Creamery

Naturally and artificially flavored. Per Serving: 0 g fat; 110 calories. 4 calories per bean. A fat free food. Gluten free. Peanut free. Made in a peanut free factory. About 3 servings per package. The original gourmet jelly bean. Signature Cold Stone Creamery Flavors: Chocolate Devotion: Chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, brownies and fudge; Our Strawberry Blonde: strawberries ice cream, graham cracker pie crust, strawberries, caramel and whipped topping. Birthday Cake Remix: cake batter ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, brownie and fudge. Apple Pie a la Cold Stone: french vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, graham cracker pie crust, apple pie filling and caramel. Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip: mint ice cream chocolate chips, brownie and fudge. Contents sold by weight, not volume. Facebook. Pinterest. YouTube. Instagram. Take our factory tour! Call 800-JB-Beans (522-3267). Made in USA.

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