Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature Fine Assorted Chocolates 6.1 oz

7 recipes - 18 premium specialties. Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature chocolate works of art are crafted with high quality ingredients and the greatest attention to detail, then presented in a beautiful gift box to please the most discerning chocolate lover. The art of variety. Dark Opera: Fine dark chocolate with hazelnut and cocoa filling. Biancoretti: Fine white chocolate with almonds. Caramel Leonardo: Fine milk chocolate with rich caramel filling. Hazelnut Duo: Fine milk chocolate with hazelnut pieces. White Opera: Fine white chocolate with hazelnuts. Giandujot Ferrero: Fine milk chocolate with hazelnuts. Milk Cupola: Fine milk chocolate with creamy milk filling. Follow FerreroRocherUSA on Facebook; Instagram. Questions? Call 1-800-688-3552. Made in United Kingdom.

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