Jack Link's Beef Stick, Original 0.92 oz

Flavor is serious business, so why waste your time on bland, flavorless snacks? Bite into a Jack Link’s Original Beef Stick and taste the signature seasoning blend made with real ingredients, including the delicious notes of garlic and cracked black pepper. This longtime classic beef stick will satisfy your appetite and take you to your happy place. Hunger doesn’t care where you are when the cravings hit, so good thing there’s no refrigeration (or sharing) required. This also means you can create your secret stash anywhere, by the way. Snackin’ time is slim, so conquer your hunger fast with a Jack Link’s Beef Stick! Move over, boring snacks. Unleash your inner savage and taste the wild flavor of Jack Link’s Original Beef Sticks. Get a quick protein fix during rush hour traffic, before the game, or after a round of poker with your buddies.

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