Eat Smart Snacks Garden Veggie Sticks Sea Salt

Tomato, potato & spinach sticks. 20% more (8.4 oz for the price of 7 oz) free! Bold flavors of nature. Made with spinach, tomato and potato. Expeller pressed sunflower oil. Made with non-GMO ingredients. 30% less sodium. Eatsmart Snacks Garden Veggie Sticks (180 mg of sodium/30 g serving) have 30% less sodium than our regular Veggie Crisps (270 mg of sodium/30 g serving). Visit our website at From the makers of America's favorite pretzel brand. Nature provides us with some of the most intense flavor experiences, so why settle for snacks that are a little unexciting? Eatsmart Snacks are delicious with the bold flavors of nature. Every serving has delicious flavors only nature could provide, cooked right to a light, crunchy texture that's not greasy. Eatsmart Snacks Veggie Sticks are made with 100% expeller pressed sunflower oil that is mechanically extracted from the sunflower seed without the use of harsh chemical solvents. Delicious snacks with the bold flavor of nature - that's eating smart! Facebook: Like us on Facebook. www.facebookcom/EatsmartSnancks. Made in the USA.

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