Original Trenton Crackers Crackers, Oyster & Soup, Artisan Style, Bite-Size!

Great for snacks & salads. Original Trenton Crackers - since 1848. All natural. Zero trans fat. What is the Artisan difference? Our OTC oyster cracker dough is raised naturally for hours like home baked bread. Next it's kneaded, layered and cut by hand by skilled artisans, and then slowly oven baked. This traditional method has been handed down for generations from baker to baker. The result is a homestyle cracker that's larger than the rest and the size makes a different. OTC crackers won't collapse in your soup, they'll stay crisp to the last bite. Enjoy the difference. Served in top seafood restaurants across the USA. Here is what they say: OTC crackers are the perfect partner for our soups and chowders! Made with all natural ingredients for a great eating experience. All natural. Low fat. No sugar. No artificial colors. No cholesterol. No MSG. No trans fats. No preservatives. For Soups? Sure! But So Much More! Some folks crumble them, some don't. Whatever your choice, try these ideas. With all seafood stews, soups and chowders - of course. But also delicious with beef stew, cream of mushroom and other soup. Great accompaniment for salads or snacks. Try them alone or with a dab of horseradish, mustard or cocktail sauce. This is not your average oyster cracker. www.panoramafoods.com.

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