Simple Mills Sweet Thins, Mint Chocolate 4.25 oz

Only purposeful ingredients. Nothing artificial, ever. New. Say hello! Feel what good food can do. Food has the power to transform how you feel. To help you live your fullest life. At Simple Mills, we're passionate about harnessing that power. We select only simple, purposeful ingredients, and nothing artificial ever. Why Watermelon Seeds? As part of our seed & nut flour blend, watermelon seeds help create Sweet Thins' deliciously light and crispy texture. If that wasn't enough, they also bring protein, good fats, and micronutrients. Flax seeds. Sunflower seeds. Cashews. Be friendly to the planet, please recycle. Sweetened with coconut sugar. Coconut sugar comes from perennial trees that thrive within agroforestry systems. We source from farmers that use regenerative farming practices like: Agroforestry; Perennial cropping; Composting. These practices help to improve soil health and protect biodiversity. We're building a brighter tomorrow, one bite at a time. How sweet is that?

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