Black Jewell Popcorn, Original Black

Healthier & tastes better! Heritage popcorns. Try it once! Love it forever! Why original black? Original Black popcorn contains more antioxidants than any other popcorn. (Antioxidants) 68 mg per serving of protective antioxidants from naturally occurring anthocyanins and polyphenols. Our black kernels pop pure white and hulles. This popcorn retains a rich popcorn taste that traditional popcorns have lost. 68 mg per serving. High antioxidants popcorn! Small hulless heirloom! Pops pure white! Non GMO Project verified. 100% Whole Grain: 36 g or more per serving. For preparations tips visit (Note that some air poppers may not perform well with small kernel popcorn). Enjoy our tasty and tender popcorn - then share with your friends! Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Product of USA.

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