Bible Bread Bible Bread, with Pure Honey

Gourmet crispbread. A gourmet taste of Biblical Tradition. All natural ingredients. Cholesterol free. Saturated fat free. Salt free. Bible Bread is inspired by a 3000 year baking tradition going back to the time of the Exodus, when the Israelites, in their flight from Egypt, prepared unleavened bread to sustain them in their journey to freedom. To the traditional recipe we have added tasty, natural flavors mentioned in the Bible. Bible Bread restores the essential goodness that kept the sages of old healthy and productive throughout their long lives. This delicious gourmet crispbread is baked from wholesome grains and natural ingredients grown in the Land of Israel. Light and crispy, Bible Bread is ready to serve as a snack - alone or with your favorite spreads, dips, or toppings. No preservatives. No artificial colors. No sugar added. Fat free. Dairy free. Under supervision of Rabbi Landau, Chief Rabbi of Bnei-Brak. Chometz - not for Passover use. Made in Israel.

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