Smarty Kat Catnip Scratcher, Super Scratcher+ 1 Ea

Double-wide catnip scratcher. Corrugated. Complete Needs: Because cats need to - scratch. Helps save your furniture. Cats love it! Super-size fun and effectiveness. Packed with SmartyKat Certified Organic catnip. Eco Advantages: Contains certified organic catnip. Made from recycled material. Scratcher is recyclable and biodegrades in nature. Satisfies your cat's need to - scratch. It's a fact, and a source of irritation for cat owners: cats need to scratch! What looks to you like a naughty kitty clawing at your sofa, carpets or drapes is actually a cat doing what is natural and necessary. Cats scratch to remove an uncomfortable scale from their nails, maintain feline fitness and to tell the world that's mine. In nature, cats prefer to scratch on trees. Indoors however, your furnishings can become an expensive alternative. The SuperScratcher+ Solution: Can both your cat and your furnishings live together intact under one roof? Yes, with the SuperScratcher+ double-wide catnip scratcher, an effective, safe and fun scratching alternative for indoor and outdoor cats of all sizes. Why it Works: Cats can't resist the SuperScratcher+'s corrugated scratching pad together with our pure and potent SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip. The catnip acts like a cat magnet to lure your cat to the pad. Which resembles tree bark, a cat's favorite scratching surface in nature. The SuperScratcher+ saves your furniture by giving your cat an appropriate place to scratch that he'll love to return to. It just plain feels good! Refreshing the pad with catnip keeps him coming back to scratch, stretch or simply for fun. CompleteNeeds: The CompleteNeeds System helps you understand more about your cat's needs and provides products to meet those needs. More Scratch Options: SmartyKat provides the same abundance of paw-pleasing features and angles that nature offers to satisfy your cat's need to scratch. CompleteNeeds System: Scratch: SuperScratcher+: Horizontal: corrugated. Helpful Hints: Most cats will be attracted by the catnip and will eagerly approach the SuperScratcher+. But give your cat the time and space to get used to it. Some cats may take a week or more to accept something new in their territory. To further interest your cat, show your cat the sound the SuperScratcher+ makes by scratching it lightly with your own nails while he watches. The SuperScratcher+ can bee shared in multiple cat households. Some cats may not want to share, however. The super Scratcher+ has such a low profile that some people put one in every room! The Super Scratcher+ can last for months with normal use. when the scratching pad is very worn on one side, turn it over for continued use. Refresh its allure regularly with SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip. Scratching pad made from recycled material. Packaging and scratching pad are recyclable with cardboard. For more detailed information about the SmartyKat CompleteNeeds System and our entire line of environmentally responsible products, visit SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip is certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Made in USA.

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