Spectrum Spray Oil, Grapeseed 6 Oz

Refined for medium high heat. Expeller pressed. Non-stick cooking. Medium high heat up to 425 degrees F. Different oils have different uses, and each performs best within a certain range of temperatures. This oil is best for sauteing or pan-frying over medium-high heat or, because of its neutral flavor, for baking. No hydrogenated fat. Spectrum Expeller Pressed Grapeseed Spray Oil is the chef's choice for all-purpose cooking. With its light body and neutral taste, grapeseed oil has a knack for coaxing flavors out of food. Give a shot or two to any pan for an easy saute or stir fry and no-fuss clean up. www.spectrumorganics.com. Oil product of France. Packaged in the USA.

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