Bb Org Coconut Oil

A healthy alternative to butter & cooking oil. For medium to high heat (450 degrees F). USDA organic. Coconut oil is a liquid above 76 degrees F; solid below 76 degrees F. For coconut oil recipes go to Our Organic Naturally Refined Coconut Oil is one of the healthiest oils in the world. Full of MCTs, aka good fats, Coconut Oil is an immediate source of energy. It is cholesterol-free, making it a perfect substitute for butter or margarine. Its neutral flavor and smell, and high flash point of 450 degrees F make it perfect for cooking and sauteing. Neutral flavor & aroma. Cholesterol-free. Zero transfats & non-GMO. Loaded with high energy MCTs. Mechanically pressed no use of chemicals. Certified organic by UDAF. For recipes & special offers Bottled in America.

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