Nueva Cocina Latin Cuisine 100% Natural Black Beans & Rice

All natural. Traditional Cuban recipe. This is a classic Cuban dish with a name that harks back to the Moorish conquest of Spain. This traditional recipe combines black beans, onions, bell peppers, traditional Latin seasonings and premium grade long grain rice. An unforgettable side dish with meat, chicken or fish. And like all Nueva Cocina products, it is all natural, contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients. No animal products. Rich, savory, colorful and diverse, Latin cuisine blends the best of Old World Spanish cooking with the Caribbean and native flavors of the New World. The resulting fusion explains why Latin food is flavorful, fragrant and intoxicating to the senses. This premium quality recipe contains all the spices, herbs and seasonings you need to make a delicious homemade Latin meal in minutes. All natural ingredients. No animal products. No preservatives.

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