Mam Papauls Dirty Rice Mix, Louisiana Recipe 8.19 Oz

Just add pork, beef or chicken. New Orleans style recipes since 1972. When you want your family and guests to experience the very best in New Orleans style cooking at home, bring Mam Papaul into your kitchen! Mam Papaul's recipes are deeply rooted in our history and culture. Louisiana Dirty Rice: You call it rice dressing: we call it Louisiana Dirty Rice. Louisiana grown white rice has been combined with a special blend of seasonings. Prepare it with ground beef or pork and it becomes dirty rice. My grandmother Mam Papaul was known for her culinary skills, hospitality and loving heart. She could always be counted on to greet unexpected guests with a warm embrace and a plate of one of her Creole specialties. Had she live during Hurricane Katrina time, she would have gladly opened her home as a refuge for family and friends. Cooking for a crowd and taking care of others were the things she did best. I hope you enjoy these Mam Papaul products. They are based on her original recipes. - Nancy Wilson, President.

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