Ruffin' It Training Pads, Lil' Squirts, Odor Control 35 Ea

21 in. x 22 in. For housebreaking puppies & stay-at-home dogs. Eliminates odors instantly! Guaranteed! Activated charcoal odor neutralizer. Super absorbent, turns liquid into gel! Prevent leaks. 7-layer construction with Ultralock absorbent core. New! Odor control technology instantly eliminates odors and our activated charcoal layer keeps the odors away. Guaranteed! If not satisfied, you can return the unused pads and a copy of your receipt and we will refund your money! 1. Tear resistant top sheet. 2. Quilted tissue. 3. Ultralock core. 4. Activated charcoal layer. 5. High absorbency layer. 6. Quilted tissue. 7. Leak-proof liner. 7-layer construction with Ultralock absorbent core. Extra absorbency = Extra safety! Ruffin' It Lil' squirts training pads are engineered to provide 12 hours of protection, with capacity to spare! That's because these pads are built with our Ultralock absorbent core, with capacity to lock in over 3 cups of urine. That is over 2 times the average amount a 50 lb dog would eliminate in 12 hours. Ruffin' It training pads, with Ultralock absorbent core, are designed to keep your home safe and clean. Our training pads are also treated to attract dogs to the pads and our new odor eliminating technology instantly neutralizes odors to keep your home smelling fresh. 12 hour protection. Quality pet treats and accessories. Made in China.

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