Freshpet Treats For Dogs, Real Beef Recipe 8 Oz

100% all natural. Fresh from the fridge. Made with savory, slow grilled beef. Dog Joy Treats - thanks for all the joy he brings into your life. When you see your dog excitedly bounding to meet you or contently gnawing on his favorite toy, you can't help but smile. This is Dog Joy: The infectious joy that dogs bring into our lives. Dogs' shameless enthusiasm and quirky character makes them irresistible sidekicks and priceless friends. Enjoy time with your dog and treat him to Dog Joy, for all the joy he brings into your life. Luv: You love your dog and he loves you. Show him how much with Dog Joy Treats. Yum: Made with real beef, your dog will love them. They're juicy, meaty and delicious! Yup: As in, yessiree. Dog Joy Treats are 100% all natural. There isn't an ounce of by products No corn, wheat or soy. Fully cooked - ready to treat - no corn, wheat or soy. Freshpet Foundation: Dedicated to helping pets live long and healthy lives. Learn ways to help maintain the health of your pet at Tel: 866-789 Fresh (3737). Made in the USA.

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