Fresh Step Clay Cat Litter 35 lb

Premium. Immediate paw-activated freshness. No. 1 Odor control vs leading clay litter based on lab tests. Fresh Step Premium Cat Litter Offers Unbeatable Odor Control (based on lab tests with cat urine), In Three Ways: 1. Super Absorbent. Its highly absorbent formula easily absorbs the source of odors to keep your litter box fresh. 2. Paw-Activated Refreshing System. Its fresheners are activated right when your cat scratches or steps for immediate odor control and a light, fresh scent. With Fresh Step, your cat helps keep the litter box smelling clean and fresh - imagine that! 3. Patented Odor Neutralizers. Its patented odor neutralizers control odor between uses so you can rest assured that the litter is always working. Our advanced formula actually prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the litter before it starts. Lightweight - Calling all cat lovers! Did you know that this 35-pound bag of Fresh Step absorbs as much odor and fills as many litter boxes as a 50-pound bag of the leading clay litter? That's because Fresh Step is made from a rare, high quality clay that is super absorbent and super lightweight. So with Fresh Step you get the same number of uses with 30% less weight. Made in the U.S.A.

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